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Senior Sessions

A Message To The Grad!

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The time has finally come! Freedom awaits….just some finals, graduation, and of course….your senior portraits.

Senior portraits can be an incredibly fun experience and not one to be missed. As much as some of us hate getting our picture taken, it’s important to capture this special time in your life. A senior portrait session isn’t complete without some laughter, getting to know each other, silly banter, and a bit of traditional senior portrait posing mockery. ;) 

While the thought of senior photos can be strange and awkward, I promise, you will enjoy and be happy to look back on afterwords. You can also make your sessions more memorable when you choose to have them with a friend! 

You worked hard to get to this point in your life, so celebrate it.

Cherish it! Capture it!

Reach out and tell me how i can help you capture your success! 

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