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Portraits! Lets talk about them! There are so many different reasons that you would want to get some portraits done! Headshots for a resume or an upcoming performance. Maybe you are starting your own business or just needing some fresh shots that reflects your current self. 

Whatever the case may be, the answer is YES! In the age of social media, now is always a great time to get your portraits updated! Not only can it help you stand out in any new adventure, but i truly believe that new portraits of yourself can help build your self confidence. 

Personally for me, a portrait can show you the best and truest side of you. We are our own biggest critics. We may take a lot of selfies, but rarely do we post them. Why is that? Its possible that we may have felt confident in the moment, but the moment we look at them, we start to critic. 

When you hire a professional photographer to take your portrait, you can take the fear out of the equation. You get to show me your best you. 


Reach out to see how I can help you show the best version of you.  

You At Your Best

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